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Do you want a clean and friendly “home away from home” while studying at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga?


St Martin’s College is a self-catered residential university college operated by the Anglican Church of Australia and jointly supported by the diocese of Riverina and the diocese of Canberra & Goulburn. St Martin’s is affiliated with Charles Sturt University and is located on the CSU campus at Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.

You do not need to be an Anglican to live in St Martin’s College as St Martin’s College is an inclusive community and welcomes students from all faiths. Students living in St Martin’s College accommodation are expected to show maturity, responsibility, and to communicate their needs or concerns to staff and other students. Most importantly residents are expected to respect the college staff, buildings and grounds, their fellow students and themselves.

Residents are expected to accept the responsibilities associated with group living. St Martin’s College has rules and policies in order to “ensure people are able to live together successfully” and will enforce these rules and policies as required.

The main responsibility of students living at St Martin’s College is to actively contribute to the well-being of community life. St Martin’s College is an inclusive community and we particularly welcome International Students to the college appreciating the cultural diversity and experience they bring to our community. Post Graduate students are also welcome to be part of the community.

frequently asked questions

What is in my cottage?
The College consists of 12 cottages, a student flat, Chapel, Community Centre and Head of College Residence. Each cottage has eight bedrooms, a common room, kitchen laundry and bathrooms and is fully air-conditioned and heated. Each cottage is connected to the CSU IT network. Each cottage has a communal freezer and every resident has a food storage cupboard in the kitchen. In the laundry are a washing machine and clothes dryer for the use of St Martins students only. Kitchens, common rooms, bathrooms and toilets are cleaned daily on weekdays and student rooms are cleaned once a week by our friendly cleaning team.
How big is my room and what is in it?

Your room is 11 square metres and has a single bed, wardrobe, desk, shelf space, chair and fridge. Also provided are cable & wireless data connections to the CSU network. St Martin’s provides a mattress protector and residents bring their own sheets, pillow and quilt or blankets. Linen may be supplied by the College for short term residents or international students. Cleaning is provided weekly for all rooms. There is also a reverse cycle air conditioner in each room.

What is in the kitchen?
The Kitchen is equipped with a convection microwave oven, kettle, toaster and a gas cook top, fridge and freezer, lockable food storage cupboards and additional cupboards for dishes, cutlery, etc (per student). Residents need to provide their own crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils, gas lighter, detergent and tea towels.
Do I need to know how to cook and who does my laundry?
No you do not need to know how to cook. Meal packages are available. However St Martin’s College is a self-catered college so you do your own cooking, washing and drying of dishes and your own laundry. You are also expected to keep your room and cottage clean and tidy at all times. You can buy take away food on campus and in town at Wagga Wagga.
The college provides clean bed linen weekly but students are responsible for washing their own clothes and towels etc. You may bring your own bed linen if you prefer but you will need to wash it yourself if you do.
Meal Packages available at extra cost

All Charles Sturt University students can have a Cheers Flexi Food Option.

Cheers Flexi Food Options provide peace of mind. You’ll won’t need to worry about shopping or cooking; allowing you to focus on your Uni life free from hunger.

Flexi Food can be purchased by either yourself or by someone else on your behalf, like a parent, guardian or supporter.

Some accommodation packages have a minimum Flexi Food Option requirement and other accommodation types let you choose one to suit your lifestyle and hunger.

You can choose your flexi food option when you accept your accommodation offer.

If you are interested in purchasing a food package please visit  CHEERS Flexi food options and we can arrange this for you.

View Meal Plans

What do I need to bring with me?
St Martin’s residents need to provide their own crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils, towel/s, desk lamp, iron, and any other cooking items. Fan heaters and bar heaters are not allowed in the college but all rooms have individually controlled reverse cycle air conditioners for heating and cooling.

Students should also bring their own first aid and medical supplies – the college has an emergency first aid kit but does not supply day to day needs such as panadol, bandaids, ice packs etc to students.

What access is there to computers and internet?
A data connection point is provided in each bedroom. You need to supply your own computer and a category 5 network cable to access the internet from the port in your room. Alternatively you can connect wirelessly to the CSU WIFI. CSU IT department has details of how to configure your computer and how to use the CSU network.

The college provides a Study Common in the Community Centre which has a desktop computer connected to the college photocopier. The Study Common is often used for tutoring sessions by groups of students. Students can use the Study Common computer to access the CSU IT network and for printing on the college photocopier.

CSU provides wireless internet access across the campus for WIFI enabled devices.

Can I get car parking?
Yes. There are student car parking spaces in front of the college and on the north side car park.
Can I request a specific room?
Only from the second year. But there is not a guarantee that you will get the requested room. You are however, guaranteed a room in St Martin’s College for the duration of your degree as long as you abide by the College rules. This means you do not need to reapply for accommodation each year. If there is a personality clash or an issue students are advised to speak to the Head of College who will organise a room move when possible.
Can I stay in my room over the holidays?
Yes your accommodation contract is for 35 weeks. But you must notify the College office dates of when you will be in residence during university breaks for security and cleaning purposes. At the end of Semester 2 (the day after the end of the Session 2 exam period) all students must fully vacate their rooms for the Summer Session. Accommodation for Session 3 is available by arrangement with the Head of College.
Do I need my own post office box?
No. Your mail is delivered to St Martin’s College, PO Box U1 then the college staff deliver mail to student’s rooms daily.

how to apply

Applications for 2021 accommodation in St Martin’s College are now open and interviews are underway. For all information about the application process for new students commencing their first year of study at CSU’s Wagga Wagga campus download the current application form from the button.

Accommodation will be offered on the basis of the “order applications are received and the application process is completed “. Completion of the application process will require an interview with the Head of College and the receipt of a course offering from CSU. Students living at significant distance from the college may be eligible for a skype or phone interview.

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