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St Martin’s College is a community of students and staff where all members are respected and valued.


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 St Martin’s College was established in 1992 through the vision of the Right Reverend Barry Hunter (Anglican Bishop of Riverina), Glenn Maytum (the first Chaplain to the College), and the generosity of Mr George Tassell whose bequest made possible the building of the first cottage and St Mary’s Chapel. In 1992 the college had one cottage and 8 students (pictured above). The generosity of other benefactors, Richard Johnson College and the Fairfax Family Foundation enabled the initial vision of 12 cottages, a community centre and chapel to be completed in 2008.


The Motto for St Martin’s College is: “Building Hope and Faith” This expresses the College’s desire to enable the development of young people who will become leaders in their local churches and communities.

Who was St Martin?

The College was named after the Anglican Church in Moulamein where George Tassell worshipped faithfully for many years. St Martin is a saint from the fourth century and is best known as the Bishop of Tours, France. Notably he cared for the poor, fought for truth, spread the good news of Jesus Christ and lived simply. St Martin was conscripted into the army when he was fifteen. It was while he was in the army that on a bitter winter day, during a severe frost, Martin saw a near naked man at the city gate trembling from the cold begging for charity from passers by. Seeing that the passers by took no notice of the man, Martin cut his cloak into two pieces. He gave one half to the beggar and wrapped himself in the other half. While he was sleeping that night, Martin saw Jesus Christ dressed in the piece of cloak he had given away. He heard Jesus say “Martin… has covered me with this garment”.


Head of College

Head of College Grant Bell and his wife Lesley

Head of College

The Rev Dr Grant Bell is responsible for the administration, management and pastoral care of the College. Grant joined the College in 2017 and comes with a wide range of experience. He started his career as a Detective in the NSW Police. He was ordained as an Anglican Priest and has served as a parish Rector, Army Chaplain in and Infantry Battalion and Training Command, Archdeacon of New England, Principal of an Anglican School in Dubbo and for the past 13 years he served at The King’s School as the Senior School Boarding House Master, History/Studies of Religion teacher, Director of Leadership and School Chaplain. He is well qualified in experience and qualifications. He as a Bachelor of Theology, Master of Letters (History) and a Doctor of Philosophy degrees is an ordained Priest in the Anglican Church. He has as passion for coaching Cricket and Rugby. He is married to Lesley with two adult children, Jonathan and Elizabeth. They live on campus at St Martin’s.

The Administration Officer

Our Admin Officer is available in the College Office Monday to Friday from 8am until 4pm. She assists with the financial and office management of the college.

The Cleaners

The Cleaners Are responsible for cleaning the student residences, but also spend time as “mum” to the students.


John, our janitor is responsible for repairs and maintenance and a whole range of day-to-day tasks to keep our college operating. Senior Students

2020 St Martins Senior Students

residential advisor
residential advisor
residential advisor

2020 St Martins Senior Students

(Residential Advisers or RAs) Our three Senior Students assist in pastoral care and have current first aid training. They take on special responsibility for Academic, Sporting, Christian, and Social development programs. The positions are advertised at the end of Term 3 of each year. Training is undertaken in January/February each year.


Scholarship Recipient Presentation

St Martin’s College offers a number of scholarships. For details click the scholarship title to download the relevant application and information forms.

The Sharon Golconda Leadership Scholarship. This scholarship for leadership.Scholarship value of $2,000

The Richard Johnson First Year Scholarship. This scholarship is aimed at enabling students from Rural & Regional low SES background, or students who have been in Anglicare “out of home” care, to commence university study at CSU’s Wagga Wagga campus. Applicants must be resident in St Martin’s College to receive the scholarship which covers a significant portion of their first year accommodation costs in St Martin’s College.

The Helen & James Faulks St Martin’s College Scholarships. This scholarship is awarded for one year to a current student or students of St Martin’s College who can demonstrate financial hardship. Two scholarships of $2000 each are to be used for the payment of accommodation fees to St Martin’s College.

policies & procedures

The following policies and procedures relate to student accommodation and well being. The current versions of St Martin’s policy and procedures documents for staff and students are available here for download or viewing in PDF format .

  1. Privacy 
  2. Work, Health & Safety
  3. Mission Statement
  4. First Aid
  5. Electrical Equipment
  6. Anti-Discrimination, Harassment & Bullying
  7. Alcohol & Drug Use
  8. Security & Personal Safety
  9. Hazardous Substances
  10. Safe Handling of Food
  11. Fairfax Centre Conditions of Use
  12. Site Emergency Plan

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